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The inauguration of the next president offers an opportunity for reevaluating and reforming the relationship between Congress and the presidency. 

Relations between Congress and the Executive Branch may continue to be difficult under a Biden administration, which may have to face a Republican run Senate depending on the runoffs in Georgia, and a House where the Democrats' margin has shrunk substantially.

In the lead up and aftermath of the 2020 election, CEG—in partnership with Protect Democracy—launched a joint initiative to present, refine, and develop momentum for institutional reforms that focus on relationships between Congress and the presidency.

Rethinking Our Democracy focused on several key topics for discussion, including:

  • Strengthening Congress’s power over delegated authorities

  • Improving the legislative process

  • Reforming the National Emergencies Act

  • Creating additional checks on executive power

In partnership with the Washington Post’s Monkey Cage blog, we published an explanatory series of reform proposals that promote new legislative ideas to strengthen democratic institutions and make the case for broad reforms. Shortly after the November election, we will convene key advocates and partners for a conference to discuss the merits of these reforms and the optimal strategies for their advancement.


Read the articles from our series on institutional reform here.


Meet the Rethinking Our Democracy initiative's key organizers. Check back for a full list of authors and conference panelists.

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