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University of Chicago students help CEG advance its mission of improving democracy and strengthening government institutions through their wealth of expertise, experience, and passion.

One of the Center for Effective Government’s most significant assets is its home at the University of Chicago and UChicago Harris School of Public Policy. As such, we are committed to providing meaningful, paid opportunities to both undergraduate and graduate students who wish to make an impact on effective government.

Graduate assistants

CEG Graduate Assistants (GAs) provide administrative and project support to CEG, particularly as related to program development, social media communication, marketing, outreach, and event coverage. They serve as ambassadors of CEG within the Harris community and help carry out the mission of the Center. Graduate Assistant positions are part-time and open to Harris graduate students during the academic year.

Research assistants

CEG Research Assistants (RAs) support CEG faculty affiliates with academic research and projects related to their work on government and institutional reform. They work closely with faculty members on a variety of research tasks, such as data collection, analysis, and cleaning; fact-checking; qualitative research; and copy-editing. Research assistant positions are part-time and open to undergraduate and graduate students on an ad-hoc basis throughout the year.


Meet our current graduate assistants.

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Interested in working with CEG as a graduate assistant or research assistant? Email us for more information about current and future opportunities.

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